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    So what she dates white men, she is half white and if she was all black she still is allow to date white men. Hate scum like you with racist views on interracial dating. Color don’t matter its if the person is good for you. some black people think they are allowed to be racist towards others just of being black. Log in to Reply Haha I don’t understand why biracial people are considered self-hating by some AAs when they don’t date black men or women.

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    Meeting at Mulrooneys Gala 10am or The Pier carpark near Ballycuggaran Trail Head at 11am.

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    Also, no blurry or fake profile pics, or pictures of cartoon characters, etc.

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    Planning an escape from all the grey skies and drizzle to somewhere a little sunnier? If you are heading for an exotic getaway this winter, take notes from actress Jorgie and show off by the pool in a glamorous chain trim bikini.

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    To counter the method of Methodist preacher George Stephenson who technically was not committing an offence but by his own words preached to African Blacks and Captive Negroes, Parliament passed a law permitting only Church of England ministers to preach in Bermuda.

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    Backdating stock options inflates their value to the holder at the expense of regular shareholders.

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    The actor who has entertained us with some stellar performances breathed his last today.

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