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She added, however, that marriage was not for everyone.

I like to have neat appearance and dress according to the occasion. I love Christ Jesus and He is my everything in life. I m always busy making sculptures and writing creative topics and inventive topics.

They are role models for thousands of Ghanaians, especially girls, across the country.

But these women have something that sets apart from other woman of their stature: their singleness.

If you make your lover known and the relationship doesn’t work out, how do you explain to your admirers?


It is better as a celebrity to keep your love affair away from the public because you can never tell who is working against you,” she said.

He gives the woman no breathing space as he keeps his foot on the pedal.


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    When using this style, you satisfy the needs of the other parties without satisfying your own, notes the Wright State University website.

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    Let us come back to the cool games that we talked about above.

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