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He has held all uniform ranks in the agency: Deputy, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Undersheriff, and Undersheriff in Charge (his most recent position) as well as Acting Sheriff in 20.He has also worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NYS Department of Transportation.He is also a member of the International Association of Chief’s of Police and the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association.Personal: Sheriff Apple is a lifelong resident of Albany County who currently resides in the Town of Colonie with his three sons.He has served in the Albany County Sheriff’s Office since 1987.Beginning as a Correction Officer, he became a Deputy Sheriff in 1989, an Investigator in 1991, a Sergeant in 1993 and a Lieutenant in 1995 when he supervised the Criminal Investigations Unit.He has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Jamestown Community College, is a graduate of the 193rd Session of the FBI National Academy, and the 100th Session of the National Sheriffs’ Institute.Personal: Sheriff Whitney is married to Lois Whitney.

Address: Court House, Albany, NY 12207 Phone: 518-487-5440 Website: Seat: Albany, NY Population: 304,000 Area: 533 square miles Career: Craig Apple became Sheriff of Albany County in 2011.

Whitney was elected Sheriff in November of 2010 and took office January 1, 2011.

He started his career in 1975 as a part-time police officer for the Village of Angelica Police Department and a part-time deputy sheriff for Allegany County.

Education & training: Sheriff Apple holds a master of science in Public Administration and a bachelor of science in Public Administration.


He holds certifications from the New York State Law Enforcement Institute at John Jay Criminal College, the John F.

He received the American Legion Police Officer of the Year Award and the Blanchard American Legion Post Fireman of the Year award. Sheriff Apple serves on the executive board of both the United Way and the Albany Boys and Girls Club.


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