Membership validatingpassword

This feature will refresh and load the current/latest contents of the selected entity. It allows an application to communicate with the repository.

Optimization Improvement of Visual Guard performance. It is delivered with a specific administration console.

We have found out that Overcast uses a very odd way of validating password protected RSS feeds.

You have to modify the Feed’s URL before submitting it to their system.

Visual Guard Server We support VGServer clusters that allow your applications to have multiple VGServer Connections.

Refresh Now in Visual Guard you are provided with the refresh functionality at each level of the Visual Guard Console application.

You can edit user details from: Power Builder Application Now you can integrate Visual Guard into Power Builder applications, allowing you to apply security through permissions created with the new PB Permission Editor.

It consists in a group of web services, that you install on your server to expose some access control services for your applications. Net applications that cannot directly access the VG repository (applications designed to be used in Extranet or Intranet).


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