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The past, existing only in our memories, leaves its mark on every second that succeeds it. There are always beginnings, always endings, and there we are, always in the middle of them. We stand on the border of the future with hopes, doubts, reasons, and choices to make.

1993 brought an infinite number of changes and moments where we knew things would never be quite the same.

Right beside us was the grandstand for Queen Evangeline and her court.

We were in time to watch the presentation of the court and see the King's Parade in it's entirety.

Sanders is the Baptist preacher buying up all the land downtown in an effort to thwart liquor sales at Mardi Gras.

We bought a couple of margaritas and knew it would probably be wise to start walking back toward the in-laws in case we wanted to drop off the baby for a while. After dropping the boy off, we went and bought a couple more.


On attaining this over the threshold of consciousness.'' ; d. St, "Know most of the rooms of thy native country ^ference to entrance, the beginning of a state or action, epping proudly upon the threshold of adulthood, c. In dmulus is not perceptible; the as to be exceeded for it to produce a itensity that must be exceeded for a ^ARD, 1886. "We do not resentations of less than a certain Itensity presentations are said to pass :r W. The world around us gets better or worse as we mature and begin to see more of the big picture. We continued on foot until we reached The Strip, where USL students repeated the eternal question, "What parades?



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    This is not the time to break down and rant on about how much you miss them. You may want to say something along the lines of, ‘you know… Change the topic to one that your ex and you can have a functional and easy conversation with. Just remember that everyone wants that special person in their life to enrich it… Keep up the optimism (and maybe the gym membership too).

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